Paper Plate elephant decoration or mask!

You will need

1 paper plate
1 piece of white paper
1 piece of pink paper
3 pieces of blue paper
Blue, pink and black paint
Pva glue and spreader or glue stick
Double sided tapeIMG_0162

Step 1 – Take your paper plate and cover it in blue paint, you may need to do 2 coats to get a good coverage

Step 2 – Take a piece of blue paper, fold it horizontally then open in again and fold each side in to that folded line in the middle.

Step 3 – cut down these lines to give you four equal strips of paper. use your double sided tape to glue two strips together at one end. repeat this step with the two remaining strips. you should now have two long strips of paper.img_0208.jpg

Step 4 – place the strips at a right angle and use double sided tape to secure. begin folding the strips over each other to create a spring. when you reach the end secure the paper with more double sided tape.


Step 6 – take another other sheet of blue paper and cut out an oval for the end of the elephants trunk. next cut two long thin ovals from the pink paper to create nostrils. glue the nostrils to the end of the trunk and then secure the whole piece to the end of the spring. attach the whole piece to the centre of your paper plate


Step 7 – fold your third piece of blue paper in half and cut out a large ear shape, you should have two equal ears. then, cut out the same shape but slightly smaller from the pink paper to create the elephants inner ear. use tape or glue to secure the ears at the back of your paper plateIMG_0221.JPG

Step 8 – If you are making a mask, cut out two eye holes above the trunk. If not use your white paper to cut out two circular eyes, stick them to your elephants face and then use your black paint to add pupils to the eyes. Finish your elephant by painting a big smiley pink mouth!IMG_0306.JPG

(optional if you are using your elephant as a mask you could either stick a lollipop stick to the bottom of the mask or attach some elastic!)

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