Make an egg box treasure chest!


How cute are these little Eggbox treasure chests? Ted absolutely loves his, we’ve made a few in different sizes and have been using them for several activities such as treasure hunts and colour sorting which I will upload more about later!

What you need to make your own

1 Sturdy egg box, all labels removed
Green, brown and gold paint
Paintbrushes or sponge
Pva glue or glue gun
Honey hoops or similar 


First we started by coating the entire outside of our box in brown paint and leaving it to dry


Next, we painted two gold bands across the top of our treasure box , we also trimmed the edges and joins of the box and painted the lock part of the box with gold paint. we also touched up the brown where we had accidentally smudged the paint and allowed it to dry

Once the trim was dried we glued our honey hoops on to the bands on our treasure chest and painted over them in gold, we also did another coat on the trim.

We then took our green paint and painted some seaweed starting at the base of the box and painting to the lower part of the box’s lid, after, we put the box on the side to dry.

For the final stages we used a glue gun to stick on our gems (this way they were stuck and dry almost instantly) and painted the inside of the box silver!


Now it’s all finished and ready to play pirates! why not help your child to draw a movable treasure map of the house or garden? we had so much fun taking it in turns to hide the treasure and plotting it on the map for the other person to find.

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