5 minute craft: Handprint flower message


There’s no gift quite like a handmade gift. These sweet little flowers were really easy and quick to make – which came in very handy when I realised i’d forgotten to buy 3yo’s preschool teacher a card to go with her present! She loved her thank you flower, so did Ted’s Granny who we also made a flower for!

These little flowers are a great alternative to a card and can be kept as a keepsake rather than ending up in the recycling bin a few days later like cards so often do!

Along side the message on the front of the leaves you could also write on the back of the handprint if you need more room.

Here’s what you will need to make your own!

1 Piece of white card
Green card
A Green paper straw (ours was painted green)
Felt tips (you can use paints but it will take longer to dry)
Mini Glue gun (you can use pva glue, but again it will take longer to dry)

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Place your child’s hand on the white card and draw around it. Then, take your scissors and cut out the handprint, you only need one handprint per flower (we made two)


Decorate the handprint. Ted loved using loads of different colours and it turned out really lovely!


Take your green card, Cut out the shapes of your leaves, you’ll need to count how many you need for your leaves! Write your desired message on each leaf.


Position your flower and leaves where you would like them on the straw and then glue them down.

To finish our flowers we rolled a ball of air drying clay and pushed the flower in to it, this was simply to make it freestanding, they look great with out without it though! you could even use a paper cup to make your own plant pot!


We would love to see your handprint flowers! you can drop a picture in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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