Colour mixing finger-paint tree.

When my little guy is painting he loves to mix the colours and see what he can create. So when he asked to do some painting the other day I thought I would come up with a fun colour mixing activity. Looking out the window at all the beautiful golden and burgundy leaves kicked my inspiration in to gear and between us we came up with the little Colour mixing finger-paint tree activity. Its a fun and simple craft for young children and we had loads of messy fun making it!

You will need

Autumn coloured paints
(we used; Red, yellow, pink, orange, brown and beige)
A pen

To start your tree. Take a light coloured pen (we used yellow to blend with the tree) and draw a large circle to make the head of your tree. Take your Leaf colour paints and make several thick fingerprints within your circle.

This is the fun part! Take your index finger and mix your paints all together, stretching the colour out to the edge of your circle.
When you’re happy with your tree, take your pen and draw the trunk of your tree.

As before, use your index finger to dot your darker colours inside your tree trunk.

and smush it all together!

My son then added some red spots to his tree. He couldn’t decided whether they were apples or blossom but either way I think its looks fab and really finishes off his picture!

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