Freestanding handprint Christmas tree

Freestanding handprint Christmas tree I cant believe there are only 15 weeks until Christmas, Where has this year gone?! We can’t wait for Christmas this year now that we have our gorgeous little girl and our big guy is old enough to understand. It may be a little while off yet but there are so many Christmas crafts I want to share this year, so … Continue reading Freestanding handprint Christmas tree

Popsicle Stick snowflakes

Popsicle stick snowflakes Christmas is a little while off yet but I really can’t wait. This will be the first year where my little boy is old enough to really understand what Is going on. It will also be my daughter’s first Christmas. So, naturally I plan on turning our house into our very own grotto! These popsicle snowflakes are probably my favourite Christmas decorations … Continue reading Popsicle Stick snowflakes

Lovebug heart card.

Love bug heart card This Little lovebug heart card makes the perfect card for valentines day or for any loved one! They’re super simple to make and only require basic craft materials, which makes it a great craft for classes and groups. You will need: Red cardBlack cardGlueScissorsGoogly eyesBlack pen From one piece of card you can make 3 love bug cards. Fold the card … Continue reading Lovebug heart card.

Pom Pom printed sheep

Pom Pom Printed sheep Has anyone else seen the children’s programme Shaun the sheep? My Grandparents (yes, grandparents!) love it. They discovered it when watching tv with one of their other great grandchildren and every now and then we’ll walk in on them watching it at home too. It has the catchiest theme tune which has been stuck in my head all day. This little … Continue reading Pom Pom printed sheep

TP roll witch on a broom

TP roll witch on a broom I know, ANOTHER Halloween craft! I just can’t stop this week. Halloween might be a couple of months away but I just love the crafts. They’re so much fun to make. Besides, when Halloween does eventually arrive we’ll have plenty of crafts to dot around the house! This TP roll witch on a broom is probably my favourite one … Continue reading TP roll witch on a broom

Hungry Spinosaurus dinosaur rocker.

Hungry Spinosaurus dinosaur rocker. Dinosaurs are a popular subject in my house at the moment. My 3yo is completely obsessed with them so we’ve had to learn many of the names! His favourite dinosaur at the moment is the Spinosaurus. It looks really cool which makes it the perfect craft. my son loves his rocked and pond and we’ve since had to make three more … Continue reading Hungry Spinosaurus dinosaur rocker.

Halloween Handprint spider

Halloween handprint spider My 3yo loves anything that involves hand printing, so this is the perfect Halloween craft for us. Our Halloween handprint spider looks really sweet and is simple and easy, making it the perfect craft for both individuals and groups such as preschools and toddler groups. You will need 1 x Orange paperWhite paintBlack paintPaintbrush2 x Googly eyes1 small piece of pink paperGlue … Continue reading Halloween Handprint spider

Fingerprint Fairy light name

Fingerprint Fairy light name This Fingerprint Fairy light name craft is really simple and quick to set up, it only takes two steps! This makes it a perfect craft for a time limit or for large groups such as Preschool groups and classes. These names look particularly great at Christmas but can also be used for any other time of celebration! You will need: 4-6 … Continue reading Fingerprint Fairy light name