Open university: My advice to all expectant mothers and parents who are considering distance learning.

After finally taking the plunge last year I became an open university student. At the time I was both pregnant and mum to a 2yo, it was a huge step but after an anxious first pregnancy I decided I needed something to keep my mind busy after 2yo had gone to bed. I’ve just finished my first module and wanted to share my experiences with other parents who were thinking about distance learning!

Living with a strong willed child & how to manage their behaviour.

Having a strong willed child is great, they’re confident, fun and passionate and you know they have a real possibility of going far in the future. But, it can also be hard.. If we don’t teach our children from a young age that unkind and unsafe behaviour is not ok we can end up living with a miniature dictator of our own creation. we ended up in a similar situation. Here’s how we addressed the situation and combatted our sons unkind behaviour.